Complete table customization

    The options we offer have a single focus: enabling you to customize your BlackLight. Make it unique with custom visual features like photos; a sound system; light features; or your own idea that we haven’t even thought of yet!

    Table customization

    Add a personal touch to your BlackLight table. You can add a logo, a signature, a motif — our design office will carry out all your wishes.

    Cloth customization

    Even the cloth can be a canvas for you to paint your desires. Not only do you have your choice of colors, but here, too, you can place a logo, a signature, a motif …


    This elegant option brings together playability and refined materials, with the option to use Swarovski crystals or raw diamonds for the inlaid sights.


    Light up your table from the inside! With basin lighting, you can choose the LED colors: cool, warm, multicolored, or even nightclub lighting that changes with the rhythm of your music.

    Sound system

    It’s a never-before-seen billiard table feature. Built-in sound system: ATAO speakers provide excellent sound quality with no rattling, enabling you to focus on the game while enjoying your favorite music.


    For style, consider a two-tone paint scheme, which unlocks a multitude of interesting combinations. Go for gloss paint over matte, tone-on-tone, or play with contrast.

    Poker tabletop

    For more games and more fun: the poker tabletop option. It’s a three-section tabletop, and you can use one side as a dining table, desk, or meeting table, and the other side as a poker table. Available in a wide range of colors.

    Dining table

    The tabletop option lets you transform your table into a reception table, a dining table, a meeting table, or a desk. Three-piece tabletop, same color options as table.


    Broaden your horizons with the multi-game option, using plugs. With this option, in just a few seconds you can convert from eight-ball to French billiards.

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