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Whether for installation in a bar, restaurant or for your home, the shuffleboard is a fun and original activity to play with family and friends. We suggest you create your custom-made shuffleboard table. Design, contemporary or classic, you can choose the smallest details of your game. Indeed, after choosing the style, you can select the colors of the structure, the playing surface or even the pucks.

Your custom-made shuffleboard table

With a minimum height of 2.80 meters (9.2 ft), the shuffleboard table can measure up to 7 meters (22 ft). Toulet offers 4 styles of shuffleboard: modern, designer, industrial and classic. Each shuffleboard is made to measure according to the selected customization. Dimensions, aesthetics, colors or wood stain, each element of the table is customizable. The materials are carefully selected for a Made in France shuffleboard table that is as pleasant to use as it is to admire. Designing your own shuffleboard table is child’s play.

Shuffleboard table and billiards

For a harmony in the game space, pool tables and shuffleboard are created in harmony. Selection of wood, colors, our team makes the shuffleboard table and the billiard table in the same materials and finishes for a perfect coordination.

Blacklight Shuffleboard

Original curves and design.

Unusual curves, original design, the Blacklight shuffleboard is part of the range of the same name including a billiard table and a table soccer. Ultra design and unique models designed exclusively in France to create custom game spaces.

This top-of-the-range shuffleboard is available in all dimensions. 100% customizable, it is possible to create its shuffleboard according to its desires and its tastes: color of the structure, lacquered, matt or satin finish, interior color, scoring or not.

Pub Shuffleboard

A very popular model for hotels, bars and restaurants.

Very popular in bars and restaurants, the Pub shuffleboard is ideal for sharing a game over a drink. Indeed, the shelves allow to put aperitif boards and glasses.

Available from 9 to 22 feet, it fits perfectly in any space. Customize this shuffleboard with over 500 colors to choose from.

Iron Shuffleboard

A perfect combination of raw materials.

Both modern and contemporary, the Iron shuffleboard table can have different styles depending on the shape of the legs: straight or trapezoid.

An original shuffleboard that can be integrated into all interiors including contemporary and industrial styles. In a more classic space, it will bring a touch of modernity. Shape and color of the legs, stain and finish of the wood, scoring or not, it’s up to you to customize the Iron shuffleboard.

Loft Shuffleboard

Pure and light lines.

The Loft shuffleboard table is the perfect combination of pure and modern style. This sleek shuffleboard will bring a sophisticated touch to any gaming space. The slim legs sharpen the silhouette of this table that can go from 9 to 22 feet.

From the color of the top frame to the shade of the interior felt, from scoring to non-scoring, to adding a logo to the track, customize every detail of the Loft shuffleboard.

For any price request and customization, contact us directly. We can make all styles of shuffleboard, from design to modern and classic. You have a custom project to realize? Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Contact us by email or by phone at +33 3 20 46 25 54.

Learn more about shuffleboard

What is the origin of the shuffleboard ?

First appearing in the 1500s in taverns in Britain, the shuffleboard also known as the shuffleboard was very popular. Its original name was “Shove a penny” which means “Push a penny,” because that was the gist of the game. Players had to shoot coins with the objective of getting as close to the edge as possible without the coin falling. The game was popular far beyond the bars. Indeed, members of the aristocracy had shuffleboard tables made for their homes. Considered a game of chance, it was banned by King Henry VIII.

The game arrived in the United States in the 1900s with a rise in popularity around the 1950s following World War II. The soldiers played there a lot. Interest in this game began to decline from the 1970s with the arrival of new activities such as television. However, players from all over the world still come together for top level competitions.

What are the rules of the game?

Here are the most common rules for shuffleboard, which is played by two players. The rules generally require you to slide all 4 pucks against your opponent’s pucks by hand. Try to reach the highest scoring area of the shuffleboard without falling over the sides.

To win points, the pucks must be farthest from the board. Some of the strategy and fun really comes into play when you knock your opponents’ pucks off the board, outrun them, or use your weighted pucks to protect the other weights with the most points.

The most common games are usually played to 15 or 21 points. It’s up to you!

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