Bitalis pyramid

    stylish billiards table

    Bitalis pyramid

    French billiards — pyramid style!

    Billards Toulet and Richard Bitalis joined forces to create a brand-new French billiards table: The Bitalis


    100% customizable:

    Frame, feet, leather, and cloth color of your choice.

    Color charts here!

    Options: Electronically controlled heating. LED lighting.

    100% quality:

    Polished metal U-shaped chassis, 120mm. Four 80 mm diameter jacks for a perfectly level surface. Soft leather covering over foam padding. Post-formed body, 15 cm. Simonis IS300 cloth, Kléber Michelin rails.

    Available in 280 cm (45 mm slate) and 310 cm (45 mm slate).

    Unique points of pyramid pool:

    • The balls: The 16 balls (15 white numbered balls and one red ball) are larger and heavier than in other billiard games. Two sizes of balls are allowed: 68 and 71 mm.
    • The pockets: The pockets are no more than 2 or 4 mm larger than the balls (depending on the balls used), making the game very difficult.
    • The goal of the game is to pocket eight balls. The first player to pocket eight balls wins.

    To help you, here is a table showing the available options:

    UK-BITALIS PYRAMID-Billards-Contemporain-Billards-Toulet-choix-des-options-01-01
    UK-BITALIS PYRAMID-tableau-fiches-billard-options-01-1-01