The competition world

    For more than 100 years, Toulet has distinguished itself in the competition world: carom, blackball, eight-ball, snooker.

    Below are some competitions Toulet has participated in :

    French Snooker championships, 1978 and 1981; European championships, French artistic billiards, 1987; European snooker championship, 1997; European championships, French three-cushion billiards, 2000; world championships, cadre, 2003; world championship, French artistic billiards, 2005; world championship, French 47:2, 2006; French championship, blackball, 2012; multi-event championship, 2011, Castres; French championship, snooker, 2010, world championship, blackball, 2010; FFB Open and French Cup, 2011; women’s European championship, French three-cushion, 2011; and more…