Dimensions and materials

    Conceived, imagined, and created by our designers, the BlackLight is much more than just a billiard table. This prestigious piece with incomparable design is also at the cutting edge of technology.
    With its pure, fluid shape, this table is totally customizable, like all high-luxury items. You have your choice of color, finish, and never-before-seen options!
    Like our entire product family, the BlackLight is manufactured entirely in France. It is completed in the Billards Toulet workshops, in the north of the country, to guarantee exceptional aesthetic and gameplay quality.

    To learn about the BlackLight table and appreciate the features we have developed to satisfy you:

    •  210 — External dimensions: 235 cm x 123 cm


    • 240 — External dimensions: 264 cm x 135 cm

    500 kg

    The table is mounted on four metal jacks, 6 cm in diameter. Its one-piece 22 mm slate is ground to a tolerance of 0.05 mm. Its metal chassis is straightened and placed under tension using tighteners for perfect flatness.

    Five formed pieces of unbendable steel are bolted together (two feet, two rails, and the lower pan) and foam-insulated to prevent vibration. The paint is metallic ceramic, and it is finished with seven layers of anti-scratch clearcoat. It is equipped with built-in, soundproofed ball return system, with a device enabling the cue ball to pass through and the colored balls to be stored. The basin is a single piece of thermoformed ABS, and is robotically routed in five directions.

    The competition-quality Kleber Michelin brand rubber rails and the Simonis 760/860 Competition cloth guarantee unbeaten play quality. The decorated leather pockets give our table even more distinction.


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